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462 Data Collection Resources

The Office of Federal Operations (OFO) produces an Annual Report on the Federal Workforce that includes, among other data, information on federal equal employment opportunity complaints and ADR activities. This data is collected from each agency in the Annual Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Statistical Report of Discrimination Complaints (EEOC Form 462). Federal agency administrators upload data into the EEOC Federal Sector EEO Portal (FedSEP) provided by EEOC and which is not accessible to the general public but only to authorized federal agency administrators. OFO also produces an Form 462 User Instruction Manual which provides detailed information pertaining to the form which aids in understanding the data that must be submitted (rather than entered). Questions concerning the EEOC Form 462 report or Instruction Manual may be sent to the email address

This email is not regularly monitored. It is for federal government agencies to file annual statistical reports in October each year. The Form 462 deadline is October 31st annually or the next business day if October 31st is not a business day. If you believe you have been discriminated against at work you may file a charge of discrimination (for private sector employees or job applicants). Federal employees or applicants can file a complaint with their agency. On a special note, there are time limits for filing a charge.

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