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Web Site Content Inventory

Section 207(f)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 requires federal agencies to develop an inventory of information to be published on their web sites, establish a schedule for publishing information, make those schedules available for public comment, and post the schedules and priorities on the web site. The following is a list of items that EEOC posts on the public web site.


Priority 1 - Required by law, regulation, Presidential directive, or other official directive or national security:

  • Agency reports and plans including Strategic Plans, Annual and Performance Reports, Performance and Accountability Reports, FAIR Act reports, and NOFEAR Act Reports
  • Privacy and accessibility notices
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reading room materials
  • Links to, and other required destinations
  • Small Business Information

Priority 2 - Mission-critical and essential for program operations, but not required by law, regulation, or Presidential directive (i.e.: information or services tied directly to EEOC's mission and/or strategic plan):

  • Employment, Enforcement, and Litigation statistics
  • Job vacancy announcements
  • Information about major agency initiatives
  • EEO-1 Survey information
  • Mediation Information

Priority 3 - Frequently requested information or services that would improve organization business processes and/or customer service to the public:

  • Issue pages describing types of workplace discrimination
  • Text of Laws enforced by EEOC
  • EEOC guidance and regulations pertaining laws enforced by EEOC
  • Searchable bank of appellate briefs and federal appellate decisions
  • List of Agency Publications and order form
  • Historic Information
  • Press releases
  • Training Opportunities

Priority 4 - Other information:

  • Questions and Answers and other information intended to supplement or further explain information presented in more detail elsewhere on the site
  • Reports issued by EEOC


All content noted above currently exists on our public web site. Information is posted to our web site as soon as it is ready, unless a deadline applies in which case the information is posted on or before the deadline.

If you have comments about our web publication priorities or schedules, please contact us.

Additional Information

For more information about the Web content inventory and the E-Gov Act, please visit these links: