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Applicant Flow Data


FROM: Stuart J. Ishimaru
Acting Chairman
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
John Berry
Office of Personnel Management
SUBJECT: Applicant Flow Data

The Federal government must attract, develop and retain a world class, high quality workforce that can deliver results for the American people and ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the nation.  Federal agencies must make full use of our nation's talent by promoting workplaces that provide a fair and level playing field and the opportunity for employees to achieve their fullest potential.

One important tool in examining the fairness and inclusiveness of the Federal government's recruitment efforts is applicant flow data.  By reviewing the yield of an agency's recruitment effort, the organization can reassess and improve its effort to reach all segments of our population.  EEOC's Management Directive 715 provides that federal agencies shall eliminate barriers to equal employment opportunity and directs agencies to prepare self assessments to monitor progress and identify barriers that may operate to exclude certain groups.  The Office of Personnel Management strongly supports conducting organizational self-analyses, along with the removal of any discriminatory barriers found through these analyses.

OPM also strongly supports the collection of demographic data, including applicant flow data, because such collection is an integral part of the barrier identification process described in MD 715.  A form for collecting applicant data has been approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and is available in the event your organization does not currently have an OMB approved form.

In addition to taking this opportunity to jointly remind agencies of the importance of collecting applicant flow data,  OPM and EEOC are also reminding agencies that they must properly handle and use any demographic data that they collect, including applicant data.  As a general matter, for example, it is advisable for agencies to keep demographic information separate from an application as an applicant proceeds through the hiring process.  Further guidance on these and other issues is contained in MD-715.