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B. Suits Requiring Authorization by the Commission or General Counsel

For suits requiring authorization from the Commission or the General Counsel, the legal unit must submit a presentation memorandum (PM) to the Office of General Counsel*. The appendix to Part 2, section IV.C. of the Manual contains the PM format.

Section V. of the Commission’s National Enforcement Plan (NEP) describes four categories of cases in which the Commission has reserved litigation authority. These are set out in Part 2, section III.A., above. In addition, the General Counsel has retained litigation authority in the categories of delegated cases described in subsection III.B.2., above. When in doubt regarding whether a case requires authorization from the Commission or the General Counsel, consult your Litigation Management Services liaison.

* Mail three hard copies of the PM file to the supervisor of Litigation Advisory Services. Simultaneously e-mail him or her a copy of the text of the PM.