The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Meeting of September 7, 2006, Washington D.C. on Federal Sector EEO Investigations

Attorney at Law
Wellfleet, MA

Mr. Hadley is engaged in the private practice of law in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Bates College in Lewiston, ME, and the late Antioch School of Law in Washington, D.C. A reporter and editor prior to entering law school, he is a former associate at the Washington, D.C. law firm of Passman and Broida.

Mr. Hadley has been representing federal sector employees before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Merit Systems Protection Board and in the federal courts since graduating from Antioch. He also occasionally represents federal agencies before the EEOC. He is admitted to the bar in the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Mr. Hadley is the author of several books on federal sector employment law, including, A Guide to Federal Sector Equal Employment Law and Practice, Nineteenth Edition (1979-2006); Representing Agencies and Complainants before the EEOC, Second Edition (2005); A Guide to Federal Sector Disability Discrimination Law and Practice, Second Edition (2006); and A Guide to Federal Sector Labor Arbitration: A Casebook of Federal Sector Arbitration Cases, Second Edition (2000). He is also the co-author of Sexual Harassment: Federal Law, Third Edition (1999); Federal Sector Workers’ Compensation Law, Second Edition (2000); Motions Practice before the Merit Systems Protection Board and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (1998); The EEO Counselors’ and Investigators’ Manual (2001); Effective Summary Judgment Motions (2002); and EEO Discovery Forms for Agency Representatives (2004).

A frequent speaker at federal sector training programs and seminars, Mr. Hadley is a founder and director of the Federal Employment Law Training Group, Inc.

He lives in Truro, MA, with his wife, three children, four cats and a dog.

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