The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Meeting of September 7, 2006, Washington D.C. on Federal Sector EEO Investigations

Director of EEO Counseling and Special Reports
Delaney, Siegel & Zorn

Elizabeth Lytle brings thirty years of commitment to social change and civil rights experience to her position with DSZ. In 1976, she was a founding member of a feminist law collective in Washington, D.C. which specialized in employment discrimination law. She worked with them for six years. During this period she also was a member of the Affirmative Action Coalition of the District of Columbia (sponsored by La Raza Legal Alliance, National Conference of Black Lawyers, and the National Lawyers Guild), and participated in the Coalition’s writing and publication of EQUALITY ON THE JOB: A Working Person’s Guide to Affirmative Action (1980).

Elizabeth came to DSZ in 1984 as an independent contract investigator and joined DSZ’s permanent staff in April 1985. During her over twenty years with DSZ, her skills have been utilized on a wide range of DSZ civil rights and dispute resolution services. She has investigated or managed thousands of federal EEO investigations. She served as Project Director on numerous program and environmental assessments for both the federal government and private industry. She has been the Project Director or principal author on a number of benchbooks, including two EEO complaint desk guides for federal executive clients, a benchbook for judges on the judiciary’s employment dispute resolution process, and DSZ’s own on-line contract investigator manual. She also served as Project Director for a video on the judiciary’s employment dispute resolution process.

Elizabeth also is a founder of Lamont Productions, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation producing educational films and videos dedicated to promoting social awareness and positive change. She has served on the board of Lamont Productions since its inception in 1983 and has been integrally involved in the design and production of two of its products: Southwest Remembered: A Story of Urban Renewal (SWR), and Clean, Sober, and Positive: Living with HIV (CSP).

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