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Facilitation involves the use of techniques to improve the flow of information in a meeting between parties to a dispute. The term facilitator is often used interchangeably with the term mediator, but a facilitator does not typically become as involved in the substantives issues as does a mediator. The facilitator focuses more on the process involved in resolving a matter. The facilitator generally works with all of the participants at once and provides procedural directions as to how the group can efficiently move through the problem-solving steps of the meeting and arrive at the jointly agreed upon goal. The facilitator focuses on procedural assistance and remains impartial to the topics under discussion.

Here is a list of agencies which have a facilitation program, including either the agency's webpage or telephone number:

Defense Commissary Agency
(804) 734-8575

Defense National Guard Bureau
(703) 607-0764
(703) 607-0768
(703) 607-0781

Department of the Air Force
(703) 693-7286

Department of the Interior
(202) 208-1818
(202) 208-3854

Department of Justice
(202) 616-9471

Department of the Navy
(202) 764-0746

Department of State
(202) 647-8104

Department of the Treasury
(202) 622-1160

Federal Emergency Management Agency
(202) 646-4122
(202) 646-3042

U.S. Postal Service
(202) 268-7400.