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Settlement Conferences

Settlement conferences are meetings which are typically conducted by a settlement judge or referee to assist the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable settlement of the disputed matter. Agencies may have their own settlement conferences without the presence of an EEOC administrative judge, provided the parties agree. The role of the settlement judge is similar to that of a mediator in that the judge assists the parties procedurally in negotiating an agreement. Some judges may provide the parties with specific substantive and legal information about what the disposition of the case might be if it were to go to court or hearing. The judge may also provide the parties with possible settlement ranges for their consideration.

Here is a list of agencies which have a settlement conference program, including either the agency's webpage or telephone number:

Defense Commissary Agency
(804) 734-8575

Defense Contract Audit Agency
(703) 767-1240

Defense Finance & Accounting Service
(703) 607-5136

Defense Logistics Agency

Defense National Guard Bureau
(703) 607-0764
(703) 607-0768
(703) 607-0781

Department of the Air Force
(703) 693-7286

Department of the Interior
(202) 208-1818
(202) 208-3854

Department of Justice
(202) 616-9471

Department of the Navy
(202) 764-0746

Department of the Treasury
(202) 622-1160

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(202) 358-2180

National Transportation Safety Board
(202) 314-6190

Social Security Administration
(410) 966-1229

Tennessee Valley Authority
(865) 632-3285

U.S. Armed Forces Retirement Home
(865) 632-3285

U.S. Postal Service
(202) 268-7400.