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D. Litigation Support Services Provided by Department of Justice Contractors

Since 1995, EEOC has had an interagency agreement with the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ), to obtain litigation support services through DOJ contractors. EEOC field legal units and Research and Analytic Services (RAS) in OGC, have used the vendors to:

  • Prepare and send a large mailing for a stage two payout procedure. The vendor also prepared a computerized database of claimants and assisted with followup work.
  • Prepare a computerized index to electronically locate documents in a large class case.
  • Subcontract with local vendors for support services at trial in a location with no EEOC office (photocopying and FAX machines, copying service).
  • Assist in a mailing to potential members of a very large class; computerize and process the responses to conform to the defendant's request.
  • Code documents and conduct data entry (keypunching).
  • Contact potential class members via telephone and mail. Search for current addresses and phone numbers.

Other types of services available through the DOJ vendors include (1) any clerical task, including telephoning, (2) scanning of paper documents to create machine-readable files, (3) database creation and other computer-related tasks, (4) projects requiring the services of paralegal specialists, accountants, financial analysts, or librarians, and (5) on a cost-plus basis, leasing of equipment and space, purchasing of equipment and supplies, and providing interpreters and translators. The work done through DOJ contractors must be related to cases in litigation. Generally, use of the DOJ vendors is most beneficial for tasks costing more than $25,000. The major advantages of using this process are the short time needed to process and begin work on requests, the flexibility of the vendors, and centralized funding through OGC headquarters.*

To obtain the services of a DOJ vendor, the field legal unit should first provide RAS with a short Statement of Work that describes the case and the work to be performed. Second, RAS will transmit the Statement of Work to DOJ. Third, DOJ will obtain a cost estimate and a work plan from the vendor and forward them to RAS. Finally, RAS will request approval from OGC. If OGC approves the request, then Administrative and Technical Services Staff will prepare the obligating document. Work can begin after the appropriate signatures are obtained.

For additional information, contact Elvira Sisolak of RAS at (202) 663-4762.

* Compare the procedure for obtaining litigation support services using a DOJ vendor to the procedure for obtaining such services through the EEOC's routine nonexpert procurement process, discussed in Part 4, section I.F. of the Manual.