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EEOC Internship Program Feedback

What are the advantages of a volunteer internship? Read what former EEOC interns have to say:

"Interning at the Commission I have had the opportunity to perform substantive work to further my understanding of both the legal and policy making facets of the agency. Working first hand with these experienced professionals is a great way to get your feet wet and explore future legal opportunities."
"Working at the EEOC has helped me see many of my goals and aspirations for the future in a more tangible light. There is no classroom substitute for working a 'real life' job alongside experts in the field, and to then be able to see how the Commission helps thousands of discriminated workers in a very real way is a special experience."
"Even as an intern, I had significant exposure to different aspects of the federal sector appeals process. Through the reading of EEOC decisions, drafting of correspondence and general legal research, I gained a great deal of practical experience that will serve me well in law school."
"This exposure to legal work within the federal government has proven valuable in my search for a fitting career path after law school. I appreciate that I am encouraged to provide input into my role and responsibilities as an intern, allowing the experience to take the shape that best fits my needs."
"The opportunity to work in the legal framework within the federal sector has provided me with great analytical and research skills that many other internships fail to offer. This skill set is enhanced in the EEOC by the willingness of the employees to give their precious time to the interns to ensure that we are learning as much as possible in our experience here and that none of our questions are left unanswered."