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EEOC FY 2008 Budget Highlights

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Request is for $327,748,000, which is a $4.941 million increase over the fiscal year 2007 level allowed on the Continuing Resolution covering the period through February 15th
  • Increase dedicated to Administration's 3.0% pay adjustment for staff and $1 million to support the Headquarters office relocation/reconfiguration
    • HQ office lease expires July 2008
    • GSA conducting competitive procurement with award expected May 2007
  • No staffing or program expansion
  • Maintain National Contact Center operation
  • Maintain information technology infrastructure/services
  • Priority remains enforcing civil rights laws by accepting charges of employment discrimination from members of the public
  • Continue to use investigation, mediation, conciliation and litigation with a renewed emphasis on systemic litigation
  • Continue with FEPA and TERO partnerships
  • Continue with supporting initiatives including E-RACE, New Freedom Initiative, Freedom to Compete, and LEAD
  • Updating the strategic plan this year for October 1, 2007, which will impact performance measures and targets

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