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EEOC Online Charge Status System Tip Sheet

Find out about the status of your charge of discrimination any time, day or night, using the EEOC Online Charge Status System.   The system is available for charges that were filed on or after September 2, 2015.

  • Enter your assigned charge number (found in the upper right hand corner on your discrimination charge form) and your zip code (as it appears on your discrimination charge form) to sign in. (If you have provided a new address and zip code to EEOC, use the new zip code.) You will be asked to enter a security code displayed in a box on the sign-in screen that is provided to assure additional security for the system.
  • After you have signed into the Online Charge Status System, you will see the screen display pictured below. The numbers on the screen shot refer to the features explained beneath it.*



  1. Status of the charge is - A quick view of the stage in the process at which your charge is currently.
  2. Contact Information - The name and contact information of the EEOC staff member assigned to your charge or a note that your charge is pending assignment.
  3. Office Information - The EEOC office (and its address) that is handling your charge.
  4. Intake - The specific actions the EEOC has taken on your charge, numbered sequentially, and the date of each action. (hold cursor over each action to read further details about the task).
  5. Investigation - The general steps in the process, with additional explanations that display when you hold your cursor over a colored box.
  6. Next Step - The range of next steps possible in the investigative process, which pops up when the cursor is held over this box.
  7. Show Full Process - The flow of the overall investigative process, which comes up when you click on this box.
  8. Logout - Ends your session on the Online Charge Status System.

*Not every stage of the enforcement process will display for every charge, as each charge follows the process most appropriate to the facts in the charge and the stages of the investigation.

Keep in mind that the EEOC process takes time, so there will be gaps between entries about your charge in the Online Charge Status System. Even when you do not see any change in the status of your charge, EEOC staff are hard at work.