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Meeting of June 22, 2011 - Disparate Treatment in Hiring

M. Kate Boehringer
Supervisory Trial Attorney
EEOC Baltimore Field Office

M. Kate Boehringer has practiced plaintiff-side employment discrimination and civil rights law for 17 years. Ms. Boehringer is a Supervisory Trial Attorney in the Baltimore Field Office of the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Ms. Boehringer supervises Trial Attorneys in the Baltimore Field Office and the Cleveland Field Office and works with investigators and attorneys throughout EEOC’s Philadelphia District Office.

Ms. Boehringer earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan in 1990 and received her Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School in 1994. Before joining EEOC in 2007, Ms. Boehringer worked for legal aid as a farmworker rights advocate, represented plaintiffs in constitutional litigation, and represented plaintiffs in employment discrimination litigation in state and federal courts. In 2007, Ms. Boehringer became a Trial Attorney, and then a Supervisory Trial Attorney, in EEOC’s Miami District Office. In January 2010, Ms. Boehringer joined EEOC’s Baltimore Field Office as a Supervisory Trial Attorney.