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EEOC’s Dallas District Signs Historic Agreement with Mexican Consulate

DALLAS  - The Dallas District Office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  (EEOC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Consulate General of  Mexico on Aug. 26 in Dallas.  The  agreement creates a partnership between the EEOC and the consulate for the  purpose of educating Mexican citizens working in the United States about their  rights under federal anti-discrimination laws, regardless of documentation  status.  As part of the agreement, the EEOC  will present educational events, provide Spanish-language informational  materials and deliver training sessions to consulate staff about the EEOC and  the laws it enforces. 

"We  are very pleased to work with the Consul General and his staff," said Janet V.  Elizondo, director of the EEOC's Dallas District Office.  "It is important that people working in the  United States, whether U.S. citizens or citizens of another country, understand  they are entitled to work in an environment free from illegal  discrimination.  This Memorandum of  Understanding will help ensure this information is communicated to workers who  may not be aware these rights exist."

Additionally,  the EEOC will partner with the consulate to provide information and  training to areas of Texas where migrant farm workers and other Mexican citizens  live and work.  The EEOC's Dallas  District Office covers a geographical jurisdiction that includes north Texas,  including the panhandle. 

Eliminating  discriminatory policies affecting vulnerable workers who may be unaware of  their rights under equal employment laws or reluctant or unable to exercise  them is one of six national priorities identified by the SEP.  These policies can include disparate pay, job  segregation, harassment, and human trafficking.

The  EEOC enforces the nation's laws prohibiting employment discrimination.  Further information about the EEOC is  available at