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Employer Quotes about EEOC's Mediation Program

Since 1999, EEOC has mediated more than 50,000 cases with approximately 70% being successfully resolved in an average time of 85 days; nearly half the time it takes to resolve a charge through the investigative process. Additionally, EEOC's experience over the years has shown that 13-20% of mediated cases are resolved based solely on a non-monetary benefit.

"As a result of mediation, we are able to keep our pending EEOC claims to a minimum and avoid the time and money it takes to investigate and respond to a claim,"..."exceptionally worthwhile,"... "I would highly recommend it to any company that has a charge filed against them."
Donna M. Gwin
Director of Human Resources
Safeway, Inc.
"Hopkins is striving to be an 'Employer of Choice.' We think that participating in the EEOC's mediation program moves us much closer to that goal."
Laurice Royal
Office of General Counsel
Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation
"The EEOC mediation program is a valuable tool and a sound approach for addressing the resolution of administrative charges in the workplace. For this reason, we have entered into a universal agreement at the national level to mediate. We encourage other employers to consider using mediation and we commend the Commission for making the program available."
Linda I. Workman
Vice President of Workforce Effectiveness
ConAgra Foods, Inc.