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ADR Program Development

The Commission is committed to assisting federal agencies with the development of their ADR programs and ensuring that the ADR programs are in compliance with the federal regulatory provisions.

Upon request, the Commission will provide federal agencies with technical guidance on their ADR programs. As part of the review process, the Commission will assess whether the structure of an agency ADR program complies with 29 C.F.R. Part 1614 and Management Directive (MD)- 110. (See Chapter 3 of MD-110). Agency requests should be in writing and include a final draft of the ADR program. To obtain assistance with an ADR program, please contact the Assistant Director of Special Operations, Federal Sector Programs, Office of Federal Operations, at

Numerous federal agencies and ADR organizations, which pioneered the use of ADR in federal sector EEO disputes, have prepared guidance to assist other agencies in developing their ADR programs.

Here is a list of guidance on ADR program development in the federal sector: