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Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the EEOC FOIA program staff will be teleworking full time to balance the need of completing its mission-critical work while also adhering to the recommended social distancing for the safety of our staff and the public we serve.

Beginning Feb. 1, requesters can initiate new FOIA requests using the new 2021 system at  Requesters who submitted FOIA requests before Feb. 1, will be able to check the status of those requests through the Public Access Link at through March 12.

After that date, requesters must access all EEOC FOIA requests using the 2021 system.  To avoid any service interruption, current users are encouraged to create an account in the 2021 system as soon as possible.

If your request is for a charge file and you are unable to access our online portal, you can submit your request directly to the office’s FOIA email box listed below.  Do not submit requests by mail, fax, or courier since we will not have access to those delivery methods during this time.  

EEOC Headquarters


Acting Legal Counsel
Carol Miaskoff

Chief FOIA Officer

   FOIA Requester Service Center

EEOC Headquarters
131 M Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20507
Tel: (202) 921-2541

Stephanie D. Garner


FOIA Public Liaison

Stephanie D. Garner
Assistant Legal Counsel

(202) 921-2542





Atlanta District Office-410
-Savannah Local Office-415




Marcia Haymer-410
Atlanta District Office
Sam Nunn Federal Ctr.
100 Alabama Street, SW.
Suite 4R30
Atlanta, GA 30303
Tel: (404)-562-6993

Records Disclosure Asst. - Vacant

Darrell E. Graham
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
William Batts



Birmingham District Office-420
-Jackson Area Office-423
-Mobile Local Office-425




Alicia Vickers-420
Birmingham District Office
Ridge Park Place1130 22nd Street South
Suite 2000
Birmingham, AL 35205
Tel: (205)-651-7024

Records Disclosure Asst. - Vacant

Bradley Anderson
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Eless Brown


Charlotte District Office- 430
-Raleigh Area Office-433
-Greensboro Local Office-435
-Greenville Local Office- 436
-Norfolk Local Office- 437
-Richmond Local Office-438





Francine Michaelson-430
Charlotte District Office
129 West Trade Street
Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28202
Tel: (980)-296-1260

Records Disclosure Assistant
Cynthia Hodge
Tel: (980)296-1251

Thomas Colclough
District Director

FOIA Supervisor

Chicago District Office-440







-Milwaukee Area Office-443





-Minneapolis Area Office-444

Sylvia Bustos-440
Chicago District Office
230 South Dearborn Street
Suite 1866
Chicago, IL 60604
Tel: (312)-872-9736

Records Disclosure Assistant
Darren Fallas
Tel: (312)-872-9670

Designated FOIA Contact
Drake Vanthiell-443
310 West Wisconsin Avenue
Suite 500
Milwaukee, WI 53203
Tel: 414-662-3705

Designated FOIA Contact
Janice Abosi-444
330 South Second Avenue
Suite 720
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Tel: (612)-335-4060

Records Disclosure Assistant
Teresa Rademacher
Tel: 612-552-7323

Julianne Bowman
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Patricia Jaramillo

FOIA Supervisor
Wendy Martin

Area Director
FOIA Supervisor
Cherie Doak



Dallas District Office-450




-El Paso Area Office-453





-San Antonio Field Office-451

Rasheedah McDonald-450
Dallas District Office
207 S. Houston Street 3rd Floor
Dallas, TX 75202
Tel: (214)-253-2827

Records Disclosure Coordinator
Nadetia Williams
Tel: (214)253-2778

Records Disclosure Assistant
Vanessa Parks
Tel: (972)-918-3630

Records Disclosure Coordinator
Daniel Whalen-451  
San Antonio Area Office
Legacy Oaks, Building A
5410 Fredericksburg Road, Ste. 200
San Antonio, TX 78229
Tel: (210)-281-7680

Records Disclosure Assistant
Estella Romanos
Tel: 210-640-7543

Belinda F. McCallister
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Tammy Johnson

San Antonio
FOIA Supervisor
Travis Hicks


Houston District Office-460
-New Orleans Field Office- 461

Yvette Stewart-460
Houston District Office
Mickey Leland Federal Bldg.
1919 Smith Street, 7th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Tel: (713)-651-4953

FOIA Assistant-Vacant

Records Disclosure Coordinator
New Orleans Field Office
500 Camp Street, Room 809
Hale Boggs Federal Building
New Orleans, LA 70130
Tel: (504)-595-2842

Rayford O. Irvin
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Elizabeth Henderson

New Orleans
Field Director


Indianapolis District Office-470
-Louisville Area Office-474  






-Detroit Field Office-471
-Cincinnati Area Office-473



Donna E. Williams-470 and 474
Indianapolis District Office
101 West Ohio Street, Suite 1900
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel: (317)-226-7952

Records Disclosure Assistant
Teresa Woods
Tel: (463)-999-1126

Records Disclosure Coordinator
Beverly Clark-471 and 473
Detroit Field Office
Patrick V. McNamara Bldg.
477 Michigan Ave, Rm 865
Detroit, MI 48226 Tel: (313)-226-5016

Records Disclosure Assistant
Amber Dade
Tel: (313)-226-5016


Michelle Eisele
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Andrea Dayharsh

FOIA Supervisor
Linda Sankovich


Los Angeles District Office-480
-Fresno Local Office-485
-Honolulu Local Office-486
-Las Vegas Local Office-487
-San Diego Local Office-488



Karen Reuter-480
Los Angeles District Office
255 E. Temple Street, 4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Tel: 213-785-3042

Records Disclosure Assistant
Jesse Viramontes
Tel: (213)-785-3007

Rosa Viramontes
District Director

FOIA Supervisors
Christine Park-Gonzales
Deputy Director

Thomas Profit
District Resource Manager


Memphis District Office-490
-Little Rock Area Office-493
-Nashville Area Office-494



Mark Adams-490
Memphis District Office
1407 Union Avenue, 9th Floor
Memphis, TN 38104
Tel: (901)-685-4648; (901)-246-0735

Records Disclosure Assistant

Delner Franklin-Thomas
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Karen Johnson



Miami District Office-510
-Tampa Field Office-511
-San Juan Local Office-515

Fredricka B. Warren-510
Miami District Office
100 SE Street, Suite 1500
Miami, FL 33131
Tel: (786)-648-5822

Records Disclosure Coordinator
Karine Lafontant-511, 515
Tampa Field Office
San Juan Local Office
501 East Polk Street
Suite 1000
Tampa, FL 33602
Tel: (813)-202-7923 

Records Disclosure Assistant
Antonio Castillo
Tel: (786)-648-5847

Records Disclosure Assistant
Jesena Latson
Tel: 786-648-5852

Paul Valenti
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Michael Bethea


New York District Office-520
-Boston Area Office-523
-Newark Area Office-524
-Buffalo Local Office-525


David Phillips-520
New York District Office
33 Whitehall Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10004
Tel: (212)-336-3653

Records Disclosure Coordinator
Rachel Aubry
Tel: (212)-336-3673


Judy Keenan
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Michael Williams





Philadelphia District Office-530
-Baltimore Field Office-531
-Cleveland Field Office-532
-Pittsburgh Area Office-533


Bridget Lange-530
Philadelphia District Office
801 Market Street, Suite 1300
Philadelphia, PA 19107 Tel: (267)-589-9753

Records Disclosure Coordinator
Lori Becker
Tel: 267-589-9792

Records Disclosure Assistant
Lewis Mims
Tel: (267)-589-9738

Jamie Williamson
District Director

FOIA Supervisor

Deputy District Director
Dana Hutter




Phoenix District Office-540
-Denver Field Office-541
-Albuquerque Area Office-543




Silvia Hart-540
Phoenix District Office
3300 N. Central Avenue, Suite 690
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Tel: (602)-640-5053

Records Disclosure Assistant
Mary Martinez
Tel: N/A

Elizabeth Cadle
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Patricia Miner



San Francisco District Office-550
-Seattle Field Office-551
-Oakland Local Office-555
-San Jose Local Office-556




Vincent Clark -550
San Francisco District Office
450 Golden Gate Avenue
5 West
P.O. Box 36025
San Francisco, CA 94102
Tel: (415)-522-3144

Records Disclosure Assistant
Leigha Dixon
Tel: (650)-684-0949

William R. Tamayo
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Lorraine Strayhorn



St. Louis District Office-560
-Kansas City Area Office-563
-Oklahoma Area Office-564


Christopher Jenkins-560
St. Louis District Office
Robert A. Young Building
1222 Spruce Street, Rm. 8100
St. Louis, MO 63103
Tel: (314)-798-1901

Records Disclosure Assistant
Pelica Wilson
Tel: (314) 798-1928

L. Jack Vasquez, Jr.
District Director

FOIA Supervisor
Consuela Cantrell




Washington Field Office-570



Cheri Allen-570
Washington Field Office
131 M Street NE, Suite 4NW02F
Washington, D.C. 20507
Tel: (202)-921-2773

Mindy Weinstein
Field Office Director

FOIA Supervisor
Mindy Weinstein





Updated 2/9/2021