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Mediation Contact List

EEOC's mediation program is administered primarily through its field offices, including 15 District and 9 Field Offices, located throughout the country. Each District office has a staff member who is responsible for coordinating mediation activities for charges of employment discrimination filed within that office's geographical jurisdiction. As charges are filed, they are reviewed to determine whether they may be appropriate for mediation. If so, the charging party is contacted to see if he/she is willing to participate in the mediation process. If the charging party is willing to participate, the party against whom the charge was filed is contacted. If both parties are willing to participate, the charge enters the mediation process.

Mediations are conducted either by EEOC mediators or mediators with whom EEOC has a contract, such as the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS). Pro bono mediators may also be used to conduct mediations. All mediators are trained and experienced in mediation techniques and the laws enforced by EEOC. Because the mediators are neutral and mediations are confidential, each field office has established mechanisms to separate the mediation process from the investigative process.

Additional information about EEOC's mediation program is available in each field office. EEOC staff are also available to provide on-site presentations to groups and organizations about EEOC's mediation program.