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Kathleen K. Lundquist, Ph.D

APT, Inc.
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Meeting of April 17, 2007 - on Employment Testing and Screening

Kathleen Kappy Lundquist, Ph.D., is co-founder and president of Applied Psychological Techniques Inc. (APT). Lundquist is a nationally recognized expert in industrial psychology, who has consulted with Fortune 100 employers for more than 25 years on the design and implementation of HR processes. Her clients range from multinational corporations in the finance, pharmaceutical, aerospace, technology and communication fields to government and nonprofit employers.

As an expert in the area of employment discrimination, Lundquist has consulted with both plaintiffs' and defendants' counsel in employment discrimination cases and has testified as an expert witness in numerous such cases. She also has been selected and has served as an expert approved by both defendants' and plaintiffs' counsel to help carry out the provisions of consent decrees in employment discrimination class-action suits. She is one of two court-appointed joint experts assisting the Coca-Cola Task Force.

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