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Laboni Hoq

Litigation Director, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - (Advancing Justice - LA)

Meeting of November 13, 2013 - National Origin Discrimination in Today's Workplace

Laboni Hoq is the Litigation Director at Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles. She leads the organization's efforts to advocate for underserved Asian American and other marginalized communities through lawsuits that seek to preserve and expand their civil and human rights. Prior to joining Advancing Justice - Los Angeles Ms. Hoq was a litigator at two civil rights law firms in Los Angeles, where she prosecuted a wide variety of cases including cases involving employment discrimination, constitutional violations, consumer protection and class actions. Prior to that she worked as a civil litigator in the Los Angeles office of an international commercial law firm. She is a graduate of Columbia Law School. After law school she clerked on the South African Constitutional Court and conducted research on the land rights of South Africa's aboriginal communities through a Fulbright fellowship.