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Dr. Gary Bond

Professor of Psychiatry, Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center

Meeting of March 15, 2011 - Employment of People with Mental Disabilities

Gary R. Bond, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychiatry at Dartmouth Medical School and the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center. After receiving his Ph.D. in psychology at University of Chicago in 1975, he was research director at Thresholds, a psychiatric rehabilitation agency in Chicago. Bond was Chancellor's Professor of Psychology when he moved to Dartmouth after 26 years at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Bond's research has examined evidence-based practices for individuals with serious mental illness, with a primary focus on supported employment and assertive community treatment. Currently he is co-investigator on the Mental Health Treatment Study, a 23-site randomized controlled trial examining the impact of supported employment and evidence-based clinical services on Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries. He has received over 50 external grants and contracts, and 5 national research awards. His publications include over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles. He has consulted with local and state mental health planners throughout the U.S. and with mental health researchers in other countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Northern Ireland, England, and Canada. Bond is co-author of a comprehensive textbook, Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Rehabilitation: An Empirical Approach and was co-developer of the SAMHSA Implementation Resource Kit on supported employment.