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Gail Cober

Director, Detroit Field Office

Meeting of March 20, 2013 - Development of a Quality Control Plan for Private Sector Investigations and Conciliations

Ms. Cober is the Director of the EEOC Detroit Field Office. She is a graduate of Wayne State University Law School and began her career with the Detroit Office of the EEOC as a Trial Attorney in 1989. As a Trial Attorney, Ms. Cober litigated employment discrimination cases on behalf of the EEOC and served as in house counsel to a team of EEOC Investigators. Ms. Cober became part of the Detroit Office's management team in 1993. She served as an Enforcement Supervisor and Enforcement Manager, overseeing the investigative operations of the Detroit Office prior to becoming Field Director in 2006. During her tenure with the EEOC, Ms. Cober has spearheaded a variety of innovative programs in the Detroit Office, has participated in a number of agency taskforces, has contributed to the development and delivery of several major nationwide training programs and has participated in a number of EEOC outreach programs. Most recently, Ms. Cober was part of the design and development team for the EEOC's Compensation Discrimination Training and Intermediate Investigative Skills Workshop. Ms. Cober is a member of the Labor and Employment Law Council of the State Bar of Michigan.