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Lilia Cortina

Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies, University of Michigan

Meeting of 6-20-16 Public Meeting on Proposed Reboot of Harassment Prevention Efforts

Lilia Cortina studies workplace victimization, which can range from subtle social slights to general incivility to blatant harassment and violence. Her scholarship spans the full spectrum of abuse, with a particular focus on "gendered" forms of aggression and violence, targeted at undervalued social groups (e.g., women, racial and sexual minorities). One line of work addresses harassment based on sex, sexuality, and gender - focusing on the contours and consequences of harassing experiences in both women and men. In another stream of research, Lilia investigates workplace incivility, i.e., everyday rude, condescending, and ostracizing acts that violate social norms of respect. She also studies intersections of these different forms of abuse, finding that they often occur in tandem in the same organizational contexts, amplifying the harm on targeted employees.