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Fran Sepler

President, Sepler & Associates

Meeting of 6-20-16 Public Meeting on Proposed Reboot of Harassment Prevention Efforts

Ms. Sepler is best known for her pioneering work in harassment prevention and workplace investigations. She has developed techniques and protocol used by organizations throughout the United States to investigate complaints of workplace misconduct and is the author of "Finding the Facts: What Every Workplace Investigator Needs to Know," published in 2008.

She has conducted over 1000 workplace investigations, served as an expert witness regarding employer response to employee complaints, and provided anti-harassment, anti-bullying and implicit bias training for thousands of organizations. She has also conducted workplace climate assessments for workplaces of all sizes.

She is working on developing world class standards for organizations to develop their "fairness quotients." Ms. Sepler recently taught a semester long master's level class on the University of Minnesota on Workplace Fairness.