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Universal Agreement to Mediate

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and (name of employer) enter into this Universal Agreement to Mediate. This Universal Agreement to Mediate applies to charges of discrimination filed with the EEOC, or any charge of discrimination filed with a Fair Employment Practice Agency and then deferred to the EEOC for processing that the EEOC deems eligible for the mediation program.

As the EEOC's Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mediation Program provides a method for employer and charging party to come together and informally resolve their workplace disputes, and as (name of employer) has an interest in resolving workplace disputes that may arise in a fair and efficient manner, the EEOC and (name of employer) agree as follows:

  1. All eligible charges of discrimination filed with the EEOC in which (name of employer) is named as an employer/respondent will be referred to the EEOC's Mediation Program. This Universal Agreement to Mediate will operate as a general agreement and is used in lieu of an individual Agreement to Mediate for all charges of discrimination filed against (name of employer).
  2. The EEOC's mediation program is a voluntary program. Therefore, (name of employer) and the charging party have the right to refuse to mediate any charge of discrimination. If either party rejects mediation, the charge is ineligible to enter the EEOC's mediation program and will be forwarded to an enforcement unit for investigation.
  3. Charges of discrimination filed against (name of employer) that would normally be dismissed under the Commission's Priority Charge Handling Procedures will not be eligible to enter the EEOC's mediation program. Charges ineligible for mediation include class and systemic charges or those filed solely under the Equal Pay Act. EEOC also has the authority to withhold charges from mediation in cases when it serves the public interest to investigate the charge.
  4. All inquiries and scheduling of mediations shall be scheduled through (name & title), designated representative(s) for (name of employer), as soon as practical after the charge is filed and the charging party has agreed to participate, but in any event no later than 45 days from the date the charge enters the mediation program. The phone and fax numbers and email for (name of representative) are (insert numbers and email address).
  5. All inquiries regarding the EEOC's Mediation Program shall be directed to the ADR Coordinator in the EEOC's District Office where the charge was filed.
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