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A Message from EEOC Chair Charlotte A. Burrows for 2023 Jewish American Heritage Month

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, an occasion to celebrate the important contributions of Jewish individuals and communities to the fabric of American life. As we recognize the important role of Jewish Americans in education, the military, the arts, science, government, and indeed every aspect of the nation’s economic and cultural life, we are reminded of America’s commitment to promoting safe, inclusive, and respectful environments where everyone can thrive.

This month is also an occasion to raise awareness about the disturbing prevalence of antisemitism and the importance of countering antisemitic stereotypes before they result in harassment or even violence. One painful reminder of that violence is the criminal trial taking place in Pittsburgh against the man charged with shooting and killing eleven people at the Tree of Life synagogue during Shabbat services in October 2018. Our hearts go out to the entire Jewish American community, especially in Pittsburgh, during this difficult time.

At the EEOC, we stand in support of the Jewish American community and the right to work in environments that are free from discrimination, harassment, and other forms of bias. Two years ago, in May 2021, I was pleased to join my fellow Commissioners in issuing a unanimous resolution condemning violence, harassment, and acts of bias against Jewish Americans and recognizing the imperative that Jewish persons “be treated with dignity and respect at work and in all other aspects of their lives.”

Today, the EEOC is participating in an interagency workgroup to develop strategies for countering antisemitism, Islamophobia, and related forms of bias and discrimination. I want to thank Vice Chair Jocelyn Samuels and her staff for leading the EEOC’s contributions to this interagency workgroup.

Finally, I am pleased to share that the EEOC has released a new fact sheet today on “What To Do If You Face Antisemitism at Work.”  I hope this document will be a valuable resource to Jewish workers and, more broadly, to individuals of any background or faith who may face discrimination at work because of their religion or religious heritage.


Charlotte A. Burrows (she/her/hers)


U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission