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A Message from Acting Chair Victoria A. Lipnic

Post from Acting Chair Victoria A. Lipnic - April 4, 2017

Equal Pay Day

Today the nation celebrates Equal Pay Day, and the EEOC has many reasons and motivation to do so. Of course, combating (and, hopefully, someday eliminating) employment discrimination is our core mission, and there is a long history of workplace discrimination directed at women. There is no justification for paying anyone less simply because of their gender. I am absolutely committed to the EEOC's push for equal pay and will continue to make sure our agency remains a leader in this area.

Neither should women nor racial or ethnic minorities be subject to "occupational segregation" - another type of wage discrimination that pushes them into lower-pay job categories and fields. Demographics don't dictate what a person can do - or earn - any more than discrimination should. No one should be boxed in.

In the last fiscal year alone, this agency recovered almost $20 million for victims of pay discrimination. At tomorrow's Commission meeting, "The State of the Workforce and the Future of Work," will examine how the EEOC and the nation can do more to break down barriers like "occupational segregation" as well as promote opportunity for all. Pay equity is a value that benefits everyone - strengthening families and our economy.

I am proud every day to lead the EEOC in our mission - but today, the fight for equal pay for equal work regardless of gender holds a special significance.

Vicki Lipnic
Acting Chair