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Press Release 01-08-2021

EEOC Unveils New Webpage Concerning Systemic Enforcement

Agency Explains Important Tool to Fight Discrimination

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today posted new information on its website explaining the use of administrative and litigation tools used to identify and pursue systemic discriminatory practices – Systemic Enforcement at the EEOC.          

“The EEOC is strongly committed to making our processes fully transparent and useful to the public,” said Chair Janet Dhillon. “Systemic enforcement is an important mechanism the Commission uses to remedy discrimination that has broad impacts on industries, professions, or geographic areas.  It is vital that the public knows how we use this tool.”

The purpose of the new webpage is to provide transparency about how the Commission approaches systemic discrimination enforcement efforts. The webpage provides background on how the Commission determined that systemic enforcement is effective, explains how the EEOC determines what is systemic discrimination, and details the process of initiating and conducting a systemic case.

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