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Press Release 04-29-2016

Jeffrey Burstein Named New Regional Attorney for EEOC's New York District

NEW YORK -- Jeffrey Burstein, an eight-year attorney with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), has been appointed regional attorney for EEOC's New York District effective May 1, the agency announced today.

Burstein has been an EEOC supervisory trial attorney for the past two years, and, before that, an EEOC trial attorney, litigating sex, race, national origin, disability and age discrimination cases in federal courts throughout the New York District. Before coming to EEOC in November 2007, Burstein had nearly two decades of experience in civil rights enforcement with the state of New Jersey. He was a line attorney and then a supervisory attorney for lawyers responsible for civil rights enforcement, and also supervised attorneys in the areas of consumer law, securities law and professional regulation.  He twice served as acting director of the Division on Civil Rights, the agency responsible for enforcing New Jersey's anti-discrimination laws.

"The New York District historically has been a critical component of EEOC's litigation program, and I look forward to working with Jeff to insure continuation of the district's role at the forefront of enforcing this nation's anti-discrimination laws," said EEOC General Counsel David Lopez.

Burstein said, "I am honored and excited to be able to continue the New York District's critical work in the effort to eradicate employment discrimination, particularly in advancing the district's longtime role as a leader in litigating systemic cases that serve to benefit numerous workers."

The EEOC is responsible for enforcing federal laws against employment discrimination. The EEOC's New York District includes all of New England, New York and most of New Jersey. Further information is available at