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Press Release 09-27-2012

Muskegon River Youth Home Sued By EEOC for Pregnancy Policy

Company's Policy Requiring Immediate  Notification of Pregnancy Is Discriminatory, Federal Agency Charges

DETROIT - The U.S. Equal  Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announced that it filed a  lawsuit against Muskegon River Youth Home in Muskegon, Mich., for maintaining a  discriminatory pregnancy policy for its employees. 

According to the EEOC's suit, the  home's policies require employees to immediately notify the company once the  employee learns she is pregnant, and requires her to produce a certification  from her doctor that she is capable of continuing to work."

The EEOC filed suit against  Muskegon River Youth Home in U.S. District Court for the Western District of  Michigan, arguing that the policy is a form of pregnancy discrimination that  violates the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, a part of Title VII of the Civil  Rights Act (EEOC v. Muskegon River Youth  Home., Case No. 1:12-cv-01049). The EEOC's suit seeks an injunction against  the company which would prohibit Muskegon River Youth Home from maintaining its  pregnancy policy.

"Maintaining such a policy  violates the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which safeguards the rights of  pregnant employees to the same treatment as others," said EEOC Trial Attorney  Nedra Campbell.  The EEOC takes seriously  a pregnant woman's right to the same terms and conditions of employment."  

Muskegon River Youth Home is a  private detention center for troubled teens.   Muskegon River  Youth Home is  based in the city of Muskegon, and has been in business since 1996.

The EEOC is the federal agency  that enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination.  Further information about the EEOC is  available on the agency's web site at