Press Release 03-19-2020

Pietrusiak Appointed EEOC’s New OEO Director

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announced the appointment of Stan Pietrusiak as the director of the agency's Office of Equal Oppor­tunity (OEO).

"One of my priorities is that the agency fully embrace being a model workplace, and an effective internal equal employment opportunity process is a key to fulfilling to that goal," said EEOC Chair Janet Dhillon. "I believe Stan's background and experience will be a great asset for the EEOC as we continue to foster a workplace culture of inclusiveness and respect." 

OEO provides leadership in the development, implementation and evaluation of the EEOC's internal equal opportunity programs and compliance operations. OEO is principally responsible for preventing discrimination and removing barriers to equal opportunity in the EEOC's own workplace. OEO also processes discrimination complaints from EEOC employees and applicants and protects them against discrimination based on all federal anti-discrimination laws enforced by the agency.

Pietrusiak began his career at the EEOC as an attorney with the EEOC's Internal Litigation Services department in 2008, where he worked with agency management to coordinate the defense of employment discrimination cases.

Since 2013, Pietrusiak has served OEO as a senior attorney advisor, acting deputy director, deputy director and acting director. Pietrusiak's principal contribution as acting OEO director was to implement a complete reorganization of OEO's managerial and administrative structure to ensure greater efficiency in processing internal discrimination complaints. He also spearheaded the establish­ment of OEO's Discrimination Prevention Unit, which is dedicated to proactively eradicating dis­crimination in the EEOC workplace.

Throughout his career, Pietrusiak has displayed a strong commitment to improving customer service to EEOC employees and stakeholders and to building cooperative relationships with agency leadership in order to further OEO's mission.

Prior his coming to the EEOC, from 1999 to 2008, Pietrusiak served as senior associate at Bracewell LLP, a Texas law firm. He practiced labor and employment law in San Antonio, Texas before relocating to Bracewell's Washington, D.C. office in 2008.

Pietrusiak said, "It has been a great honor to work with my EEOC colleagues and the Chair's office to ensure that the EEOC fully embraces the principles of equal opportunity in our own agency and so become a truly model workplace. I look forward to continuing those efforts in this new position."

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