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Please be advised that due to the current health situation, you have the option to schedule an in-office interview which will be conducted by video using EEOC office equipment or schedule an interview by phone. Individuals who come into the office without an appointment will be screened for appropriate follow-up. Scheduling an interview is strongly recommended and individuals with appointments will be given priority. 

You are encouraged to visit the EEOC Public Portal ( to schedule an intake appointment by telephone or an in-office interview which will be conducted by video using EEOC office equipment. The system can also be accessed by going directly to our website at

There are strict deadlines for filing a charge of discrimination, please review the information in the timeliness tab or call 1-800-669-4000.

For individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, you can reach EEOC by videophone at 1-844-234-5122. If you have a disability which prevents you from accessing the Public Portal or you otherwise have difficulty with accessing the portal, please call 1-800-669-4000.

For information on temporary office closures due to inclement weather or other issues, see our Operating Status page.



State, Local and Tribal Programs

The EEOC works with the Fair Employment Practice Agencies (FEPAs) and the Tribal Employment Rights Offices (TEROs) to manage charges of discrimination and the protection of the employment rights of Native Americans. The EEOC contracts with approximately 90 FEPAs nationwide to process more than 48,000 discrimination charges annually. These charges raise claims under state and local laws prohibiting employment discrimination as well as the federal laws enforced by the EEOC. FEPA and TERO offices for the area covered by this office are listed below.

Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (FEPA)
450 Columbus Boulevard
Hartford, CT 06103-1835
Fax: Please refer to specific Units [found on webpage]
TDD: 860-541-3400

Maine Human Rights Commission (FEPA)
51 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04330
Phone: 207-624-6290
Fax: 207-624-8729

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (FEPA)
1 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 617-994-6000
Fax: 617-994-6024
TTY: 617-994-6196
Email: s-commission-against-discrimination

New Hampshire Commission For Human Rights (FEPA)
2 Industrial Park Drive, Bldg. One
Concord, NH 03301 Phone: 603-271-2767
Fax: 603-271-6339
TTY: 1-800-735-2964

Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights (FEPA)
180 Westminister Street, 3rd Floor
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 401-222-2661
Fax: 401-222-2616
TTY: 401-222-2664

Vermont Attorney General's Office - Public Protection (FEPA)
109 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05609-1001
Phone: 802-828-3657