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Challenge Yourself!

Diego, Nate, and Ethan work at local roller coaster park Plummet. Ethan is gay. Because they know it makes Ethan uncomfortable, Diego and Nate regularly rate the attractiveness of male guests at the park, discuss the sex lives of male guests and celebrities, and play sexually explicit videos that feature naked men on their phones during their lunch breaks. Is Diego and Nate's behavior illegal harassment?

  1. A is incorrect.
    Diego and Nate's conduct is illegal because it is unwelcome (it makes Ethan feel uncomfortable) and because it occurs frequently. It does not matter that the conduct is directed at guests, and not at Ethan.

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  2. B is incorrect.
    Harassment is illegal even if the harasser is the same sex as the victim(s).

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  3. C is incorrect.
    The fact that the harassment occurs during Diego and Nate's lunch breaks does not matter.

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  4. D is correct.
    If Ethan feels comfortable doing so, he should tell Diego and Nate to stop harassing him. Ethan could also talk to his parents or to another trusted adult, report the harassment to Plummet, or contact EEOC. If Plummet has a harassment policy, the policy should say which person or office is responsible for handling complaints. Once Plummet knows that Ethan is being harassed, it has a responsibility to stop the harassment and prevent it from happening again.

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