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Real EEOC Cases


Now that you know that it is illegal for a company to treat you unfairly or harass you at work, you may be wondering whether there are real cases involving teen workers. Over the years, the EEOC has investigated numerous job discrimination complaints brought by young workers. In some of those cases, the EEOC found evidence of discrimination and filed a lawsuit to help the young workers correct the situation. You can read more about some recent EEOC cases involving teen workers by following any of the links below.

Two young men report sexual harassment at New Jersey grocery store

19-year-old manager accused of harassing 16-year-old employee at Pennsylvania Mexican restaurant

14-year-old girl complains about sexual harassment and assault by manager at Kansas fast food restaurant

Two claim that Arizona store refused to hire them because they were deaf

Teenage girls claim that manager sexually harassed them at California bagel shop

Three teenage employees report sexual harassment at California golf club