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Challenge Yourself!

Tariq, a Christian Arab, works at a computer store. When a supervisor isn't around, his co-workers call him a terrorist and ask him if his family belongs to ISIS. They also make negative comments about Muslims because they think Tariq is Muslim. Has Tariq been discriminated against?

  1. A is incorrect.
    Unlawful discrimination does not always have to involve a negative decision about your job, such as firing or demoting you or reducing your pay. You are protected from unlawful harassment even if it does not result in such a decision.

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  2. B is correct.
    Tariq is being harassed because of his national origin (because he is Arab), and the computer store may be held responsible if it knew about the harassment or should have known about the harassment and did not try to stop it. Tariq should report his co-workers' behavior to the manager responsible for handling harassment and discrimination complaints. He also could talk to his parents or EEOC about the harassment.

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  3. C is incorrect.
    Tariq may have been discriminated against even though his co-workers wrongly believe that he is Muslim. Negative or offensive remarks or jokes about a person's assumed religious beliefs and practices may be illegal harassment, even if the person belongs to a different religion.

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  4. D is incorrect.
    You are protected from harassment by supervisors and co-workers.

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