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Genetic Information - Example

Here is an example of unfair treatment at work that may be based on genetic information:

Tamiko posts a picture on her Facebook page of her family participating in a recent cystic fibrosis fundraiser with a caption: "Here's to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis-so my brother and others with CF can lead long, healthy, happy lives!" Tamiko's supervisor overhears co-workers asking Tamiko about the event, cystic fibrosis, and how her brother's doing. The supervisor researches cystic fibrosis and learns that it is an inherited condition and that some people may not experience symptoms until they are adults. The supervisor had been planning to promote Tamiko, but decides not to do so out of concern that Tamiko may develop cystic fibrosis and be unable to handle both a new medical condition and additional responsibilities at work. Tamiko's supervisor discriminated against Tamiko based on genetic information if the supervisor denied Tamiko a promotion based on Tamiko's family medical history of cystic fibrosis.