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EEOC EEO Education Consortium: Education, Engagement, Certification

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) EEO Education Consortium (EdCon) is a nationally recognized professional network of equal employment opportunity (EEO) practitioners that provides professional development across the EEO spectrum. EdCon provides innovative EEO and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) programs. EdCon also forms collaborative interagency partnerships to develop and share leading practices, resulting in a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

EdCon Testimonials

“I have attended seven EdCon trainings and they were all great. The training on Section 508 Document Compliancy had an immediate impact on my day-to-day functions. I was able to share the information that I learned to begin to improve the way we create documents within our agency.”

Nicole Walls
Northwestern Division/South Pacific Division EEO Manager
US Army Corps of Engineers

“When I first heard that the EEOC Education Consortium, I was excited. I am always looking for different Communities of Practice to share ideas of how to make the federal government a place for everyone to have equal opportunity. To be able to share ideas with other Civil Rights Practitioners in this forum provided by the EEOC is just what I need.”

Kyle Wilson, Jr. 
Disability Program Manager
U.S. Department of Labor

“EdCon has created an atmosphere of tailored training focused on program goals, obstacles, and best practices within our community of practice. Training topics are timely, relevant, and interactive. The information received from the trainings have been beneficial in enhancing both my understanding and execution of the EEO program.”

LaToya Wilson
EEO and Special Emphasis Program Manager
Office of EEO, Diversity & Inclusion
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


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