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EEOC EdCon: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the U.S. EEOC EEO Education Consortium (EdCon)?

The EEOC’s EEO Education Consortium (EdCon) is a community of practice and repository for Federal EEO and DEIA professionals and partners. EdCon aims to enhance their knowledge and skills by providing innovative EEO and DEIA programs while forming collaborative interagency partnerships to develop and share leading practices. As a result, EdCon hopes to develop a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

What are the benefits of an EdCon membership?

EdCon is led by an Advisory Board of 9 EEO Directors from the Cabinet Federal Agencies The Advisory Board provides structure and implementation, strategic advice, and day-to-day guidance. EdCon benefits include access to mentorship opportunities, professional standards, no-cost education, and engagement opportunities.

Does EdCon offer subject matter experts as a training resource to Federal agencies?


How can I join EdCon?

Request membership at

Will future training sessions be shared with the EdCon community?

Yes, please sign up EdCon’s mailing list at Once registered, you will receive a link to all recordings of previous trainings. EdCon’s Events Page also hosts all previous event recordings.

Can I become a member of EdCon if I am not a Federal employee?

EdCon is an organization based in the Federal Government, with membership open only to Federal EEO professionals.

What is EdCon’s email address?


FAQ Mailbox

For other questions please complete the mailbox questionnaire. An EdCon staff member will respond as soon as possible.


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